Meet LiftRider

The lower compartment holds the water bladder and a jacket or fleece.  Because it remains thin you can sit back and relax.

Comfy on the chairlift

Agile on the slopes

Super low profile, LiftRider hugs your back, so it doesn't throw you off balance.  It's the same physics as why you stay close to the wall when rock climbing. See Video.

No more digging deep for the lip balm that's worked its way to the bottom.  Everything is easily accessible. Adjustable dividers keep items organized and secure.

Does your backpack pass the banana test? LiftRider's top compartment sits above the back of the chair so even a banana won't get bruised.

Top compartment padded like a

professional camera bag

Don't suck ice!

The 1.5L water bladder is super low profile and sits right at your center of gravity so you don't feel it at all. See Video.

It's hard to suck ice through a tube, so we insulated the water bladder, hose, and bite valve so water stays... well, water longer.

Lumbar hydration

We invented a new way of adjusting your shoulder straps, which we call the InSanity adjusters.  

No more reaching down to find the buckle.  Just push the button and the strap releases. Pull to tighten.  The loose ends snap in place with magnets.  No straps flapping behind you.  

It's really very cool and people love it.  See Video.

Insanely cool push button strap adjustment

Don't fumble with your waist buckle again. Flick to undo waist strap. Just get the ends close and they click together. Removable if you prefer no waist strap. See Video.

Glove friendly one flick waist buckle

A pack is useless if it doesn't fit you properly. LiftRider's shoulder straps connect with snaps.


Clever because you can adjust the snaps so LiftRider fits you perfectly.  

Safe because if LiftRider gets caught on the chair it breaks away.

Adjustable to fit you perfectly

Never miss a photo or an emergency call.

Cold kills phone batteries quickly. Insulated and electrically heated phone garage with charger keeps your phone warm and charged.

** Charger and heater sold separately.

Heated charge garage

Drink pockets - Lens safe for goggles too.

Side pockets are safely away from your spine in case you want to carry cans of beer or other drink. 

They are lined with lens safe fabric. Perfect for goggles or sunglasses. See Video.

Stash a can of whatever...

Whether it's Advil, lib balm, or anything else that's hopefully legal in your state, the strap pocket would be a good place to stash it and keep it handy.

Keep your meds handy...

LiftRider is so well balance that fully loaded I don't even feel it is on. Check it out in the bumps. I love it!  Watch video.

Perfect in the bumps!

We Are on a Mission



We love skiing and snowboarding. But let's face it backpacks can be a pain at the resort.

I would use my biking Camelbak for hydration. Nothing fit. Sandwiches got squished. I could never find anything at the bottom of the pack. 

Farhad hated being pushed forward on the chair.

And so we set out to create the best pack ever for everyday skiing and riding.

I love this project and the product we created! I think you will like it as well.

-  Sani

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or call me at  415-294-1319

Thank you to everyone who made LiftRider such a blowout success on Kickstarter! We exceeded our goal by 440%!

Thank You!

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